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State Of The Unions: Changes & Tactics
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Ten Tips On Firing

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Graphic  State Of The Unions: Changes & Tactics
American employers are now facing a world with TWO large union organizations rather than one. Major unions have broken away from the AFL-CIO taking millions of dollars with them. This new situation will likely herald significant changes relating to labor relations and union organizing efforts. There is a sentiment that unions are down, but not out ...read more.

Graphic  Recruitment Concerns: Crucial Changes Evolving
A number of factors are converging to create a situation in which recruitment of employees will become increasingly more challenging with each passing year. The most common of those factors known today are the predicted loss of significant numbers of employees due to the upcoming retirement of key personnel, and the expectation of a rising level of competition for a shrinking number of qualified employees who remain...read more.

Graphic  Retention: The Flip Side of Recruiting
Retention is the flip side of recruiting. If an organization can retain good employees the benefits to that organization are multi-fold. If it cannot retain employees its recruitment costs, as well as the resulting drag on productivity, will increase proportionately. The only exception to this is when recruitment is strictly the result of increased growth. Recruiting new employees is costly, and turnover is costly ...read more.

Graphic  Terminating Employees: Ten Tips On Firing
We need to start this article by saying that in over 35 years of working with employers we have never met a supervisor that actually liked or enjoyed terminating employees. An involuntary termination of employment is a double failure since it shows that the employee could not meet the needs and expectations of the employer and it also demonstrates that the employer may not have done what was needed in the hiring process and in managing the person once hired. The Tips in this article are practical tips, and apply only after the decision has been fully made to fire an employee. This is not about the process leading up to the firing, or the aftermath. It is about the actual "termination" itself...read more.

Graphic  Employer Briefs: Human Resources Updates

As an employer, if you have any questions or concerns about
human resources or labor relations issues relating to your
workplace please contact us at Braun Consulting Group.

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