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button You Can Prevent Liability From Workplace Conflicts

Supervisors know that they can be held liable for their abusive or improper actions toward employees. What many supervisors don't know is that they and their organizations can be held liable for actions between and among employees... when the supervisor fails to act to resolve the situation.

Here are ten things that you should do to help reduce liability:

  1. Respond promptly to all reported threats of violence or weapons on the premises.
  2. Investigate all reports of harassment and other abusive conduct immediately.
  3. Seek advice from appropriate persons within the organization (or call Braun Consulting Group) whenever unusual circumstances arise.
  4. Conduct investigations and counseling sessions discreetly.
  5. Suppress any defamatory rumors.
  6. Take action to prevent and correct all forms of harassment. Have a clear policy prohibiting harassment.
  7. Follow up with the victims of harassment. Advise them of corrective action taken and encourage them to report any future misconduct or retaliation.
  8. Remove employees impaired by the effects of drugs or alcohol from the work area and provide them with safe transportation home. Don't let them drive!
  9. Encourage employees to work with each other and to talk out their problems.
  10. Screen all job applicants thoroughly. Investigate their backgrounds and follow up on reports of any inappropriate conduct.
(Page 4 BNAC Communicator Summer 98, and BCG.)

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