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button New Concerns About Union Organizing and E-mail

Computers and e-mail are changing the way unions communicate with potential new members. Currently, electronic mail enables unions to "talk" to employees without the limitations U.S. labor law places on traditional oral and printed communications by unions.

The National Labor Relations Board has not specifically addressed e-mail organizing, but has ruled on cases involving whether an employer has the right to restrict the use of company e-mail. The board's 1993 decision in E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., concluded that the company's rule barring the use of e-mail to send non-work-related messages was discriminatory because there was no blanket rule prohibiting the use of e-mail for all but business reasons.

In the case Timekeeping Systems Inc. v. Lawrence LeinWebber, the NLRB found the employee was improperly terminated after he criticized the company's new vacation policy via e-mail. His actions were deemed concerted activity and were protected under Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act.

But the issue of union access to employees at work through company e-mail could be short lived. With the growing home computer market the question will no longer be whether the union has access to the workplace, but whether the employer can have access to employees' home computers.

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