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Personal Online Time

Rochester, N.Y. - based Xerox fired 40 employees last fall for gross misuse of Internet resources. Spokesperson Christa Carone said those fired were spending "the majority of their days on inappropriate sites," and added that the company sees it as a productivity issue.

A system installed last year enabled Xerox to more closely examine network logs and more easily identify workers who violated company policy. "The log is the first step," Carone explained. "We don't look at the logs and then turn around and fire someone." Xerox interviews both the supervisor and the employee before taking action.

The New York Times in December fired 23 processing clerks in its Norfolk, Va., administrative center who were involved in forwarding a "clearly inappropriate and offensive" e-mail. Following the firings, the company immediately held several "town hall" meetings with senior management and employees to discuss the decision, according to spokeswoman Nancy Nielsen.

Approached as a workplace productivity issue, misuse of company time and resources through e-mail and the Internet will result in an ever-widening growth of HR and legal issues needing to be addressed.

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