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button NLRB ruling... a portent of things to come?

The first ruling under new NLRB Chairman John Truesdale has been made, and it allows union officials to withhold financial information from members about how their dues are spent, including information about union political spending.

Truesdale was selected by President Clinton in a recess appointment and thus sidestepped the Senate's authority to review presidential nominations.

The NLRB ruled on the case Weissbach v. American Federation of Television and Recording Artists in which Peter Weissbach, a disc jockey at KGW radio in Portland, Oregon, tried to exercise his rights under the U.S. Supreme Court's Beck ruling and not fund his union's political activities.

The Supreme Court decision in Communications Workers v. Beck allowed workers to cut off all union dues which the union could not prove supported collective bargaining, contract administration, or grievance adjustment.

Under the Weissbach ruling, union locals can now refuse to provide disclosure by using a "local presumption" clause, that presumes that the local's financial disclosure would mirror that of the national union.

An appeal has been filed by the National Right to Work Foundation attorneys and a motion to reconsider was filed with the NLRB.

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